Web Design for the Cotswolds

Based in Stow on the Wold in the heart of England's lovely Cotswold region cotsweb.com is a small web design business with years of experience in designing websites that work.

Our Web Design Principles

  1. A website must work, it must not frustrate potential clients by failing.
  2. A website must work for everybody, no matter which computer, browser or language they are using.
  3. A website must work quickly, people don't wait for fancy graphics or animations to load, these can be nice but must not slow the site down.
    Most people have broadband at home these days but they might also want to visit your website from their mobile phone or tablet on a slower (and more expensive) mobile phone connection.
  4. People must be able to find the website, search engine optimisation must be designed into the site. A pretty site that no one visits is just a waste of money, your money.